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Cannington C of E Primary School

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School Meals


Our school meals are produced on site and meet all relevant nutritional standards as set out in the ‘School Food Standards’ document January 2015.

“As a head teacher I always wanted to make sure that my children ate a good school lunch. Not only does a good quality lunch improve a pupil’s concentration in the afternoon, but the atmosphere in the canteen is critical to encouraging good behaviour.

More than that, lunch is the only time of day when the whole school – children and teachers – have a chance to come together. The atmosphere of the canteen sets a tone for the rest of the school and helps to establish the school’s culture”

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools

What have we done to meet this offer?

Following significant building and refurbishment work during the summer holidays our school was ready to provide universal infant free schools meals from 1st September 2014.

  • We enlarged our school kitchen to provide extra working space
  • We purchased a new steam oven, freezer, larger mixer, pots, pans, cutlery and plates
  • We increased staff hours
  • We employed additional lunchtime support