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Cannington C of E Primary School

Diocese of Bath & Wells

Oak Class

Year 1

Class Teachers: Mrs Mann

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morley (Mornings) and Miss Williams (Afternoons)


 Summer 1

Online Phonics Games to play at home.




Online Maths Songs we enjoy in school to support our learning:

5 times tables


2 times tables


Counting in 2's 



Summer 1 overview


Spring 2

A crash landing!



Spring 2 overview



 Spring 1

Spring 1 overview


We have been captivated with our two focus texts this half term. 

First we were swept away with Benji Davis's exciting tale of Noi an adventurous little boy who lived with his Dad and six cats by the sea. We were inspired by Noi's bravery and kindness when he went out in the cold winters night to look for his Dad. We focused on vocabulary such as 'flickering' 'glimpse' 'brave' and 'adventurous'. We were delighted when the Storm Whale came to help Noi and it inspired us to learn lots about whales. We went out on the playground and measured 30 meters to see if we could fit a blue whale on our playground, created wonderful whale art work, discovered facts about these fascinating mammals, listened to a whales powerful call and used musical instruments to create our own stormy snowy scene.





We then moved on to the entertaining tale of Billy and the Beast. Billy is a quick thinking clever little girl who has an amusing side kick called FatCat. One day as they take a walk through the forest they come across a terrible beast who is on a mission to make terrible soup...will they get away and save their animal friends?



In English we have focused on adjectives, nouns, pronouns and coordinating conjunctions 'and' and 'but' to make our writing super exciting!